Gramsford Lodge



Gramsford Lodge is permanently closed. 


Please note that this hotel no longer exists. 


We who formerly worked there would like to thank those few, memorable guests who stand out from the crowd. Those who appreciated everything we worked to provide, who cared well for their own children, who respected themselves and our staff, who proved that decent people with good manners still exist in once great Britain and even grace the shores of such a place as Blackpool. Thank you all; it was a pleasure to meet you. You know who you are. 



As for the rest, the 'typical' Blackpool guest, those responsible for the reprehensible reputation under which this resort  has so long struggled to survive, they will not likely read this. If they do, they will certainly not comprehend it and regrettably, not be shamed by it. They have no idea who anyone is. It was no pleasure to be confronted by them but rather it was a lesson in everything a decent human being should strive to avoid being.


Behind the scenes, over many years, a countless number of mostly young helpers from almost every country on Earth, have been part of our family at 'GL' Our profound gratitude and fond memories of so many wonderful young people are too great to recall here. It was a privilege to know you all and we take courage for the future in the thought that the world will be a better place in your hands than it is the the hands of those who run it today. God bless you all.