Planning to party? You have come to the right place. Blackpool is still the most visited UK weekend resort. Fun is the watch word for Britain's favourite seaside resort. Here are some of the musts.

Funny Girls

No visit to Blackpool would really be complete without a night out at this world-famous Burlesque show. Funny Girls has fans as diverse as Joan Collins and Alan Titchmarsh; Dawn French and Shane Ritchie and "thousands of fun-loving visitors to Blackpool from every walk of life who would agree with the sentiment:

"This place could show London a thing or two!" ....Joan Collins

Gramsford Lodge is the ideal place to relax after an amazing night out at Funny Girls, far enough to avoid the crowds and close enough for convenience, directly on the central promenade sea-front and always affordable, if you are planning a celebration or simply a great night out in Blackpool, Check out Funny Girls, and check in to Gramsford Lodge, for your visit :)

The Flamingo Club

The Flamingo Club is already a legend and Gramsford Lodge is the ideal, affordable location for your visit. With great resident and guest DJ's this could be the best night clubbing ever... If you are not already familiar with Blackpool's famous Flamingo Club, read on...

At a time when the British club scene had nothing new to offer, Blackpool became famous as the home of one of the most original, vibrant and welcoming club scenes in the world. Clubbers from near and far flocked to the town, attracted by the friendly, trouble-free atmosphere, exotic and fascinating people and simply brilliant music and dance scene offered by one of the largest and most famous Gay clubs in Europe: Blackpool's Flamingo club!

Former prejudices were forgotten and the Gay dance music scene became mainstream across the globe. Still essentially a Gay venue, the Flamingo club, now shares it's new, even bigger home in a magnificent, listed building, adjacent to the famous Funny Girls Burlesque Show venue.

Gramsford Lodge is the ideal, discrete location to relax after a night of tripping the light fantastic on any dance floor. We welcome guests from everywhere in the same atmosphere of mutual respect.

Club Domain (ex-Sanuk)

If you are looking for ultimate in uk clubbing experience, this place is for you. Club Domain is also home to the worlds biggest Celebrities and Superstar DJ’s.

Minus: you are very likely to spend the eternity in a queue before entering.


The Tache is a legendary Rock venue and Nightclub, featuring live Rock music and top DJs

 "It’s a dark place, for the dark people to relax in company. Drop in, find out if you’re a dark person too."

Stillies (ex-Mardi Gras)

Stillies is a Basement Gay Venue with 2 Bars, a Dance floor where you can boogie the night away and seating areas for those who prefer to relax. For smokers, Mardi Gras also offers an outdoor heated smoking area.

Cabaret every day with your favourite vocalists and male strippers.