Gramsford Lodge was among the first of Blackpool's sea-front holiday hotels, catering for the influx of visitors to Britain's greatest sea-side holiday resort. Situated Centrally, upon the famous "Golden Mile", directly facing the sea, with the beach on it's doorstep, Horse drawn carriages brought visitors from the nearby railway stations to their holiday accommodation, as they still do today, escaping from the grime of city centres from the pollution of industry and the labour of the workaday routine to the fresh air, golden beaches and carefree atmosphere of Blackpool.

A series of unique attractions and places of entertainment mushroomed in the wake of the sea-side holiday boom, giving Blackpool the famous Tower, little sister to the Paris Eiffel Tower, first one, two and finally three magnificent sea - piers, the fantastic Opera House and Winter Gardens, the world's tallest roller coaster, as well as the superb classical Grand theatre, most of which are remarkable listed buildings, recently renovated and restored and  flourishing today, with plenty of entertainment and interest for every taste.

Through two world wars, Blackpool provided a refuge and happy distraction from conflict for thousands of young servicemen and women, as well as the many families separated from their loved ones. The wildest party goers of today would have found more than a match among those who visited Blackpool in such times and as ever, Gramsford Lodge was at the centre of it all.

J.R.R. Tolkien stayed here, during his convalescence after the 1914-18 war, during which he was inspired to entitle his second volume of the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy, "The Two Towers" after seeing Blackpool and Eiffel towers. Tolkien loved this part of England and the landscape of his story "The Hobbit" is based upon the farming country and villages of Lancashire, within easy reach of Blackpool, by car.

Today, surrounded by the newly renovated promenade and served by the oldest Electric Tramway in the world, running past our door, we still retain much of the best of the spirit of the historic past, as well as the ideal base from which to enjoy the pleasures of Blackpool, whether dancing at the palatial, classical Tower Ballroom or the latest contemporary nightclub. From opera to karaoke, Punk rock to Ballet, Blackpool has it all and more.

Whatever pleasures you pursue, you may relax here, at Gramsford Lodge, where you are cordially invited to enjoy the homely comfort of our historic hotel. Enjoy rare titles in our own library, swap modern novels in our book exchange, bring your own musical instrument or, if you play well, you may pick up the house guitar; share the latest tunes from your ipod or enjoy the music of the past, at Gramsford lodge, where past and future meet.