Situated right at Blackpool Promenade, two minutes south of Central Pier, at 237 Promenade, Gramsford Lodge is opening its doors for you.
Nearest tram station: Manchester (1 min)

Download Directions (pdf)

From Blackpool North Train Station.
Leave North Station and walk up slope to Talbot Road. Cross the road and walk west, down towards the sea. to market street, on the left behind the Town Hall. Go to bus stop marked up for number 11 bus. Ask the driver for Rigby Road/Manchester Square stop. Cost approx. £1.50. Leave bus at Rigby Road/Manchester Square stop, which is behind the hotel, on Lytham Road. Cross Lytham Road and walk towards the sea front promenade. At traffic lights, walk (left) around the Manchester pub to the sea front.

Gramsford Lodge is the bright green and white building next door but one to the Manchester pub, facing the sea.

From Blackpool South Train Station.
Leave Blackpool South station and cross Waterloo Bridge to Lytham Road. Cross Road and catch number 11 or 68 to Rigby road, - the Manchester pub. Cost approx. £1. Get off bus at Manchester hotel and walk towards the traffic lights and round the Manchester.Gramsford Lodge is the green building next door but one to the Manchester pub

From Blackpool Pleasure Beach Station.
Leave station and walk to promenade/tram lines. Catch number 1 bus or tram to Manchester Square/Rigby Road. Cross road and Gramsford Lodge is the green building next but one to the Manchester pub.

From Blackpool airport.
Leave Blackpool airport and head to Squires Gate Lane. Catch number 7 bus to Starr Gate. Catch tram or number 1 bus to Rigby Road /the Manchester. Gramsford Lodge is the green building next door but one to the Manchester pub.

From Lonsdale Road coach station.
Leave via Lonsdale Road and walk across the other side of Lytham Road. Catch number 11 or 68 bus for Manchester hotel cost approx £1. Get off bus and walk toward traffic lights and walk round Manchester hotel. Gramsford lodge is the green building next door but one to the Manchester.

From New Bonny Street coach station.
Leave coach and walk up New Bonny Street to Promenade. Turn right to walk to tower. Catch a bus number 1,10 or 11 at tower or tram. Leave bus or tram at Rigby Road/The Manchester. Gramsford lodge is the green building next but one to the Manchester pub.



Parking on site is not available, however public parking (some free) is available nearby:

On arrival by car, please arrive to the front door of the hotel and ring the bell. We will greet you and your luggage can be brought inside.

We are happy to give advice about nearby parking and provide assistance.

Please note: if you drive by using GPS, please put the full address: 237 Promenade Blackpool. If you enter only post code FY1 6AH, you are likely to be directed to one of the back streets, whilst we are directly on the Promenade (little south from the Central Pier - bright green building - you can not miss us :)

You are welcome drop off luggage and passengers directly at our front door, on arrival, before parking. Please come in for parking advice and a map if required.

While there are double yellow lines, stopping and unloading for several minutes at the front door is allowed, as this is normal, when arriving for check in at the hotel.